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Charles Rimmer Kane (Red Dwarf: Me2)

Episode 6 BackgroundShana and I are back after a couple of weeks away from podcasting together to chat about Red Dwarf: Me2. I want to mostly avoid talking about the relationship between the two Rimmers (mostly because it’s covered in much more depth in Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers) but there’s plenty of meat in this episode besides. As the title implies, we mostly look at the gazpacho soup incident as a Rosebud-like lens through which to view Rimmer’s life, or at least his conception of it. What is really important to Rimmer, and how does that inform how we see him? Also, we chat about interstellar wars fought over electric bills and what is probably Danny John-Jules’ greatest performance to date.

Check it out here.


One response to “Charles Rimmer Kane (Red Dwarf: Me2)

  1. SpaceSquid August 11, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Lovely podcast about a lovely episode. Just wanted to offer a correction. I know, I know, how internet of me, but it might offer up alternative readings. The UK bronze and silver swimming certificates aren’t given out for winning competitive swimming events, you get them by demonstrating certain fundamental skills. And I mean REALLY fundamental, one of the four tasks you have to perform to be awarded a bronze certificate is to jump into deepish water. They’re aimed at small children to help them gain confidence – I had bronze and silver before my 10th birthday.

    Which alas eats away at some rather nice comments about Rimmer’s possible back story, but rather ramps up the level of his need to underline every achievement he’s ever managed, no matter how small. Like his long-service medals, the bronze and silver swimming certificates are things you get basically for going long enough without sinking.


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