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Monthly Archives: August 2016

TMBDOS! Episode 71: “Johnny Mnemonic” (1995) & “Starship Troopers” (1997).


Lee and Daniel return for the last episode before jumping into their first look at Spaghetti Westerns on the podcast with two 1990s sci-fi films. First up is the Keanu Reeves cyberpunk action film “Johnny Mnemonic” (1995) and then it’s the gung-ho space marine satire “Starship Troopers” (1997). They touch on how dated 1990s films seem today; Reeves as an actor, and just how much storage space there might actually be in his brain; space Nazis; and they often drift off into talk about how much they love Dina Meyer, who stars in both films.

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“Johnny Mnemonic” IMDB
“Starship Troopers” IMDB

Featured music: “Memory Johnny” by Black Rain & “Klendathu Drop” by Basil Poledouris.


TMBDOS! Intermission #12: Sex and Scandal.


Because there could not be a regular episode this week, Daniel is filling in with a look at four different films. First up he looks at two sex comedies from the 1970s – “Guess What We Learned in School Today?” (1970) & “Jokes My Folks Never Told Me” (1978). Then he switches gears towards two Oscar contenders from 2015, “Spotlight” & “The Big Short”.

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“Guess What We Learned in School Today?” IMDB
“Jokes My Folks Never Told Me” IMDB
“Spotlight” IMDB
“The Big Short” IMDB

Featured Music: “I Personally Believe” by The Mattoid.

TMBDOS! Intermission #11: Pasta Ghost Squad.


Lee is flying solo this week for an intermission episode. He gives a more detailed look at what the upcoming Spaghetti Western series is going to cover, and then he goes on to plug some podcasts he loves and wants people to check out. After that, Lee gives two short reviews of the recent 2016 films “Ghostbusters” & “Suicide Squad”.

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Exploding Heads
Watching Robocop with Kit Power
Hero Hero Ghost Show

Featured music: “The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)” by Luis Bacalov & “Nobody to Love” by 13th Floor Elevators.

TMBDOS! Episode 70: “Tommy” (1975) & “Parents” (1989).


Lee and Daniel are taking a couple-episode break before jumping in to what will be an extensive Spaghetti Western series. For this episode they are joined by their friend, fellow podcaster, musician, and published writer Kit Power, who suggested the two films for review this time: “Tommy” (1975) & “Parents” (1989). Because this was recorded a bit later in the week and way much earlier in the day than what Lee and Dan are used to, the whisky hits them much harder. They fully blame Kit for this, BTW. At any rate, the conversation goes deep in to both films, and a lot of both fun and serious issues are brought up. This might be one of the best of all time for the podcast when it’s all said and done, even if there’s a few audio glitches here and there (sorry for that, but it’s nowhere near un-listenable). Also covered: listener comments & what they’ve watched as of late, and Kit get’s to answer the One Actor’s Filmography desert island question.

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“Tommy” IMDB
“Parents” IMDB

Kit Power can be found in these places:

Watching Robocop With Kit Power Podcast
Ginger Nuts of Horror
His band The Disciples of Gonzo on Soundcloud

Featured music: “I’m Free” by The Who & “Cerezo Rosa” by Perez Prado.

Charles Rimmer Kane (Red Dwarf: Me2)

Episode 6 BackgroundShana and I are back after a couple of weeks away from podcasting together to chat about Red Dwarf: Me2. I want to mostly avoid talking about the relationship between the two Rimmers (mostly because it’s covered in much more depth in Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers) but there’s plenty of meat in this episode besides. As the title implies, we mostly look at the gazpacho soup incident as a Rosebud-like lens through which to view Rimmer’s life, or at least his conception of it. What is really important to Rimmer, and how does that inform how we see him? Also, we chat about interstellar wars fought over electric bills and what is probably Danny John-Jules’ greatest performance to date.

Check it out here.


TMBDOS! Episode 69: The “Meatballs” Franchise.


Lee and Daniel are back to finish off their second run of sex comedies. This week they look at the four films in the “Meatballs” franchise, although they mostly focus on the final two parts. Is it really a franchise? Are any of the sequels any good at all? Should they do a commentary track for “Meatballs Part II”? Tune in to find out. Also covered: listener comments and Daniel surprising Lee with the challenge of impersonating
Vinnie Jones, if he were to appear in films not actually in his resume, like he had done briefly in the previous episode. No promises on the quality of the Vinnie Jones impersonation!


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“Meatballs” IMDB
“Meatballs Part II” IMDB
“Meatballs III: Summer Job” IMDB
“Meatballs 4” IMDB
Watching Robocop With Kit Power Podcast

Featured Music: “Are You Ready for the Summer” by Elmer Bernstein & Norman Gimbel, Sung by The North Star Kids Chorus, and “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran and Jerry Capehart.