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Searching For Fuchal: Lister’s Lost Future (The End)

It’s been long-awaited, at least for me, but finally Shana and I have gotten around to starting up the new long-term project: an episode-by-episode podcast about Red Dwarf called “Searching For Fuchal.” Episode 1 The End Background.png

In episode one, we chat about the pilot episode, “The End,” existential dread, bro-like behavior, racial and gender politics, and speculate about what it might mean to “interfere with a woman sexually.” I hope you’ll come along this journey with us.

Download it here, or visit the libsyn page here.

In the next couple of days, expect this blog to become a lot more active. I’ve got a blog post simmering about how the use of the cuckold fetish as a meme is indicative of the deepest problems with the alt right, and in the next week or so we should start putting out episodes of our new Firefly podcast, which at the moment looks to be called Big Damn Heroes.

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